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Organizations want well timed, properly-informed choice-making, in operational settings and in the corner workplace—no matter what their mix of platforms, applications, or infrastructure environments. In larger enterprises, nevertheless, where the product range or checklist of companies supplied might be huge, and gross sales are quite a bit greater than the small business, sales data may be saved in many alternative systems and in large volumes and interpretation and evaluation of this knowledge will not be only basic to the business figuring out what they are doing right and what they should improve upon, but additionally requires specialist instruments and expertise to place that data into the right format and likewise to present it in useful ways – Enter Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.

More and more, we see a brand new type of business intelligence rising: the collaborative BI. It is a combination of collaboration tools, including social media and different 2.0 technologies, with business intelligence software That is developed in a context of enhanced collaboration addressing the new challenges the quick-monitor business provides, where extra analyses are achieved and reviews intelligencebusiness intelligence

Peningkatan Competitive Benefit, Peningkatan Competitive Advantage dapat dicapai melalui akses yang cepat terhadap analytical-information didalam datawarehouse seperti analisa customer, trend dan calls for, sehingga proses pengambilan keputusan dapat dilakukan lebih efektif.

Successful decision-making, normally, must have a radical and critical understanding of the growth of your company over time and the reasons behind it. In short, your program should have the capability to map and analyze historic knowledge that could be complicated over time, even years.

Selain itu seperti yang penah diutarakan oleh Stewart Deck, CRM (Buyer Relationship Management) dapat membantu bisnis dalam penggunaan teknologi dan sumberdaya manusia agar memperoleh pengertian yang dalam tentang nilai dan perilaku pelanggan intelligence